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The Clever Kid Health & Wellbeing program for Schools & PreSchools

Give your children the best start to life through the Clever Kid Health & Play program. A program run in vegetable gardens to understand the importance of nutrition in learning and giving children hands on experience on growing and eating fresh living foods. Self esteem, art and craft activities are included to help develop the mind and body. More details on http://www.circlesoflearning.org.au/programs/childrens/klever-kid/p/38

Bee Day 20th May

Circles of Learning if the Founding Advocate for BeeDay Australia. On this day the world celebrates Bees to bring awareness of the plight in dying out, and their vital importance to humanity and life.

Help Celebrate our beautiful Bees who do so much of the hard work to pollinate our flowers which in turn provides us with our fresh organic fruits and vegetables to build a healthy body.

On 20th May, gather together your friends and community, city or rural to celebrate Bees and share activities

  plant some flowers
  dress like a bee
  draw pictures of Bees
  create a Bee Art show
  have a honey tasting
  Bee Creative...

Help Save our Bees... go to http://www.beedayaustralia.org.au or email info@beedayaustralia.org.au

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Garden Circle for Parents and children

This practical hands-program is available for all communities through centres, community gardens and even private gardens. Designed to educate parents on nutritional facts and ways to build their children's self esteem. Designed to develop children's high sensory awareness and whole brain learning to improve their health and learning. More information http://www.circlesoflearning.org.au/programs/childrens/p/32


Thank You

A picture gallery of some of our wonderful supporters.

Viva developed our internal communication system http://www.my-circlesoflearning.org.au which allows others to promote their products. We thank all of them for their support.

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Newsletter available here

Circles of Learning formed to address the growing number of children faced with learning difficulties and, in response to this, have channelled a wealth of knowledge and experience into a range of practical, multi-sensory programs that assist children to overcome their challenges.

Today, twenty percent of Australia’s children experience challenges in learning, with fifteen percent of those having multiple learning difficulties. Most are labelled as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Hyperactivity, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Dyslexia, Autism, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and more, and usually fall within the autistic spectrum, from those marginally affected to the more seriously affected.

Circles of Learning are committed to providing a range of quality options to manage the many challenges facing families living with highly sensitive children.

We invite you to browse our website and discover the products, programs and resources available. Or search through our Library and Handy Hints sections for free information on how to help your child reach their learning potential.

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Featuring full length articles in the Library, detailed information on Programs and lots of Handy Hints, the Circles of Learning website is a respected source of research and information on children's health and wellbeing the natural way, whole brain learning and wonderful programs that get to the heart of the matter - all for our children.

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Ambassadors to Circles of Learning


Tim Maddren

Tim Maddren image

Tim is most well known for being a part of the children’s group Hi-5 From 2009 until 2013. With the group he filmed 135 episodes, released 3 albums with Sony Music Australia and toured internationally. Whilst in Hi-5 he was nominated, along with the rest of the group, for two TV Week Logie Awards, two ARIA Awards and an Asian Television Award. Tim has also performed leading roles in many Australian music theatre productions, the Australian/New Zealand 2007 tour of Fiddler on the Roof, Altar Boyz 2008 with which the cast received a Green Room Nomination. After leaving Hi-5 he performed the principle role of Lucas in The Addams Family. He has just finished touring Australia alongside Craig McLachlan in The Rocky Horror Show as Brad Majors.
Tim also has a passion for the Australian film industry. This has led him to create Hide and Seek Cinema and complete short courses in Scriptwriting (AFTRS) and Producing for Film (Metroscreen). He has been an active member of Sydney Wildlife for four years.

Bonnie J Jensen

Bonnie J Jensen image Bonnie J Jenson

Jazz-orientated recording artist and song-writer, Bonnie J Jensen is an experienced singer and pianist, possessing an extensive repertoire from jazz standards and her signature reharmonised arrangements of modern songs, to heart-felt ballads and blues. In 2001 Bonnie dedicated “Waltz For Debby”, a song on her debut album to the Indigo children. She is passionate about inspiring young people to achieve and discover and develop their inherent artistic talent.

Bonnie enjoys eating fresh foods, yoga and swimming, to be at peak physical and mental health for her stage performances.

John Levine

John Levine image John Levine

John Levine, composer of Alphamusic. John has been creating and playing piano since he was six. John established the pattern of sound that settles the brain into alpha state, where we are most likely to have our most creative insight and experiences.

John’s wish is to help the greatest number of people through the healing powers of music.

Matty Shields

Matty Shields image Matty Shields

As an indigenous man, Matty has had a lifetime of dance. He performed for the Pope at World Youth Day 2008, reached the semi-finals on Australia’s Got Talent, gained second place in the Australasian Pole Fitness Championships, was an Australia Day Ambassador 2012 and performed for NAIDOC week 2012. As an Ambassador for Circles of Learning, Matt speaks out to indigenous children about health, overcoming learning difficulties and gives motivational talks to school students.


Rusty Lynch

Rusty Lynch image Rusty Lynch

Singer, entertainer Rusty Lynch has launched onto the Australian Stage with The Secret City and his latest Album also called The Secret City has been critiqued as one of the best heard in recent time. As a highly regarded songwriter and singing education he has released 7CDs of original songs and has sung in numerous bands over the past 10 years. It is said ‘he was put on this earth to sing’. As an Ambassador Rusty brings his deepest understanding how music affects the mind and creativity.

Laurence Wainwright

Laurence Wainwright image Laurence Wainwright

Laurence is doing Honours in Management within the UTS Business School with his focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
Laurence has held a number of key student leadership positions, including President of the UTS Union, Chair of the Student Business Faculty Board, Chair of the Student Residence Advisory Committee, Director on the Board of UTS Childcare Inc, student rep on the Business Faculty Board, Residential Networker in UTS Housing, and Peer Networker, amongst other positions. He has represented the University on multiple occasions at the National Student Leadership Forum, and in 2010 was selected to represent Australia at the US National Student Leadership Forum in Washington DC. In 2011 he was a delegate at the Harvard World Model United Nations Conference in Singapore.
A strong passion for bringing about positive change in society and the natural world. Winner of the 2009 Chancellors Volunteer of the Year Award for his many volunteering projects in Australian and abroad.

Champion Leaders of Circles of Learning


Lynn Saber

As a Teacher & Counsellor I am passionate about seeing children reach and exceed their potential. the various programs that Circles of Learning facilitate inspires children to do just that and being a part of this wonderful group is inspiring and joyous.


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    Lynn Saber

Maureen Lyons

I am an Early Childhood Educator and have been part of Circles of Learning for 18 months and am currently running the Garden Circle at Rose Bay.
I believe that it is important for children and their families to be part of nature and to learn through play and hands on experiences. It is such a joy to watch the children explore, discover and build on their confidence!

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Erinna Sygrove

I grew up in rural New Zealand with a very fundamental way of life, it was quite different to how I currently live in Bondi. And now I am a mum I am keen to introduce new experiences to my children, especially any that expose them to nature. Circles of learning has been great in so many ways and I am keen to pass this on by getting more children involved within my community.

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    Erinna Sygrove & Jon..

Lara Dunford

I have always been interested in health and well being and my early childhood years were full of craft activities which has lead me to being involved in this fun opportunity created by Circles of Learning. I love the children's enthusiasm and interest in the food growing and the things we create in the garden.

I also volunteer at Stony Range Botanical Gardens clearing weeds and propagating native plants for the shop there.


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Carolina Mello

I am a volunteer for the Garden Circle, running activities at Bondi Junction. I am passionate about children, I am very patient and love to teach. I am a nanny and a jiu jitsu teacher for kids and believe that interaction with nature is essential for the development of the little ones.

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Items of interest for you and your family's wellbeing

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Parents, step away from the baby wipes and put that hand sanitiser away – eating dirt could actually make your child smarter.
Research published in the current issue of Kidsafe NSW’s playgrounds, newsletter shows the positive side of a soil-borne bacteria that is likely to be inhaled when children are playing outside. More here.

Latest articles to feed your brain and empower your decision making
These latest articles on our site are selected because we believe they give you great information to help you in your family or community life with children - for FREE! And we all like free stuff, don't we?

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Latest products to assist you and your child
Connecting Kids book. Help your child develop freer self expression; release unhealthy blocks and limiting beliefs; feel good about themselves and their world. Find out more about the book and to purchase here.

The Last Dragonfly now available
From the talented John Levine, creator of Alphamusic, comes his latest offering The Last Dragonfly. More here.

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