Our people

We are a passionate and dedicated group who practise what we preach and experience the many modalities and programs we promote. We’d like to introduce you to the people that make Circles of Learning tick.


Judith Schulz
Judith's wide ranging knowledge and experience in health and wellbeing gave her valuable insight and an immediate platform on which to take action when she began to see children struggling at school. She is passionate about bringing people together to share knowledge and develop new areas of care for our children.

Lynn Saber
Lynn looks after the programs for Circles of Learning and is instrumental in bringing the Clever Kid Health & Play program to the schools and pre-schools. As a part time teacher, Lynn brings a great understanding of the education requirements, to Circles of Learning.

Andrea de Wattignar
Andrea develops the operational side of our organisation. She has kept the cogs turning for us since 2005, from writing and managing our website, to coordinating training and running projects.

She’s into healthy foods, design, discovering hidden gems (be it clothes, furniture, people or places in the world) and laughing with friends around a table of good food.

Pam Houssenloge
Author and publisher of Oscar’s Lunchbox Pam Houssenloge lives on a rural property near Canberra. She is passionate about helping parents by sharing the lessons she has learned about issues relating to food intolerances. Pam is committed to helping children stay connected to their senses and she heads up Circles of Learning's ACT office with Tracey.

Tracey Anderson Askew
Tracey is a Childbirth educator and Birth Support Person, providing programs to prepare people for the experience of having their babies and becoming parents. Together with Pam, Tracey is in charge of the Circles of Learning’s ACT office bringing programs to Canberra and outer regional areas.>

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