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Circles of Learning established in 1999 and is a registered charity working together for the Goodness of Humanity. Through practical application of Education, the Arts, Culture and Community wellbeing Circles of Learning is a hub for parents/teachers/carers/communities seeking solutions and experience within education, culture & health and building strong communities.

It is supported by professional practitioners in the following areas:
• motivational counselling and self esteem programming
• movement and learning
• learning enhancement programming
• the arts, theatre and film
• psychology
• bees, butterflies and insect survival
• environmentally sustainable living


To Nourish and Nurture Communities/Children/Adults in natural environments and to discover the Joy and Love of Learning


Our objectives are to:

• To bring practical solutions to optimise health and learning abilities naturally
• To partner with schools/communities/parents for children’s health and learning through creating a better and more eco environment.
• To bring people together to support children’s learning with nutrition, movement, art and play
• To Nourish and Nurture Children to discover the Joy and Love of Learning
• To bring love and laughter into their lives
• Help celebrate, bring responsibility and protect Australian Bees through public awareness campaigns and programs


Living, Loving, Learning, Happy

More information:

  • Our people

    We are a passionate and dedicated group who practise what we preach and experience the many modalities and programs we promote. We’d like to introduce you to the people that make Circles of Learning tick. Judith Schul..... read more.

  • Our Partnerships

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  • Our Policy

    Our organisation does not advocate, support, or practice unlawful discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, sexual orientation, religion, or socioeconomic background...... read more.

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