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ADHD can be a challenge to manage

Children's classes for Kung Fu

Learning Strategies for Children

Different Learning Styles

Professional brain gym practitioners and workshops

Seed Savers

Nurture House - Information, products & support for sensitive children and their families

Natural Healing

For information on health and welfare

More regular information on health for the family

Cancer and other health issues

Dan Edmunds' comprehensive site on ADHD

Reflective Therapy: Healing our children in conflict by Dan Edmunds, MA

Alternative medicine for ADD/ADHD, Autism and Depression

Colleen Huber...a naturopath with well researched information

CogniTune LLC

Gary Jackson The Naturopathic Health & Education Centre

Anthroposophical Medicine conference for teachers, parents and health practitioners

Whitaker Wellness - America's largest alternative medicine clinic
At Whitaker Wellness, our physicians are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our patients by providing complementary and integrative medical treatment. Our mission is to transform lives, one patient at a time.


Rainbow Planet Connection (Packages for Parents and Kids)

Meet up with other parents who homeschool and receive regular newsletters

Natural Parenting

Pinky-mychild for mothers with babies

Ourkidz provides parents, carers and teachers comprehensive infomration about schooling, education, childcare, children's activities, development and health, and parenting with listings of children and family related services and products.


Additive Alert - know what is in the food you eat

The Organic Grocer for home delivery

Sweet Poision - the effects of sugar

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