In addition to creating our own range of products, Circles of Learning likes to promote the great work of others in the field of child wellbeing and development.

If you have a product you believe aligns with the values of our organisation, and would like to partner with us for its distribution, feel free to email us and tell us all about it.

The DEAL for Happier, Healthier, Smarter Kids

A guide for Parents for Twenty-first Century Survival. Dr. Peter Dingle is one of Australia’s foremost writers on wellness and how to live a chemical free lifestyle for the sake of your health and your children’s health.

Dr. Peter Dingle covers the conditioning of the brain and how our thinking affects our life. Plus what we eat, digest and absorb and the issues around the environment and chemicals that affect emotional and physical health. This book provides solutions for changing your lifestyle, to maintain weight control and reduce ADD/ADHD, Asthma, depression, stress and other disorders. When you buy this book you will never want to part with it. It is filled with valuable reference material that you can read at a glance.

$25 + $7.50 p&h


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Essence of Abundance

100% natural this flower Essence of Abundance puts you in alignment with the vibrational freqency of abundance. It aids in overcoming a fear of lack and allows you to open up to abundance in all areas of life. Align yourself with your desires, follow your inspired thoughts and trust.

$16.50 + $6.50 p&h

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    Essence of Abundance

100% Natural Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

100% Pure Essential Oils have a profound positive effect on Physical & Emotional Well being

When your child is ‘high energy’, doesn’t sleep well, has learning difficulties, or is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and offered drugs as a ‘solution’, it’s important to know that you have choices.

All Oils are not the same and it is important to seek out the 100% pure, natural therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essential oils can be used topically, inhaled or diffused. With young children, the safest place to apply essential oils is on the soles of the feet. Some oils may also be applied to throat, wrists, chest or the base of the neck. Cold air diffusers such as the Home Diffuser are recommended (pictured) rather than burners or diffusers that heat the essential oils.
A range of oils are available through Circles of Learning including the excellent Thieves for personal care and cleaning surfaces. Learn more about the Young Living Essential Oils, Click here


Neutralise the Electricmagnetic Radiation in your house
This product is called Geoclense and it neutralises your whole house from the
harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). EMR is invisible radio
waves that travel through the air, moving through walls. They come from televisions,
computers, microwaves, mobile phones and other electrical equipment.
The waves can cause symptoms such as headaches, dehydration, loss of concentration,
irritability, memory loss, sleeping problems, leaving people feeling sick,
heavy and depressed. This device harmonises the radio frequency fields and
protects your family from the negative effects inside and outside the house.
Australian designed and manufactured.
Cost $150 + $10

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Don't Tell Them It's Healthy

How to get your child to eat healthy foods and ask for more.
Nutritionist, Karen Fischer, has made your job easy by giving you meal plans, lunchbox tips and notes on preparing, cooking and presenting fruits and vegetables in a way that even the fussiest of eaters will say “more vegies please”.

“Today at lunch time I presented my daughter with a bowl of stir fried vegies with rice and sold it to her...And, blow me down with a feather—SHE ATE THE ENTIRE BOWL!!!!! After lunch she asked if we could have vegies at dinner too”, Patricia Cope, mother of two.

Don’t Tell Them It’s Healthy is marketing magic for the dinner table.

$19.99 + $7.50 p&h (SOLD OUT)

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Saving our Adolescents by Maggie Dent

  Are you worried, concerned or confused about an adolescent you care for?
  Are you looking for ideas, and practical strategies to better support adolescents on the bumpy ride to adulthood?
  Do you really want to make a difference in the lives of today’s adolescents?

Maggi Dent, parenting and resilience specialist, answers your questions about why adolescents get confused, grumpy, moody, forgetful, angry, defiant, horny, and excitable and a high risk to themselves and others. With more healthy support they can still thrive and become people who can make our world a better place.

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Saving our children from our chaotic world by Maggie Dent

Silence and stillness does have a magic to it! It doesn’t matter where you find it – in your home, your workplace or your classroom, when it occurs something magical happens. Low self esteem is an epidemic amongst our children. Unfortunately it is not the only unhealthy and frightening epidemic that is sweeping the children of the world.- Maggie Dent

$27.50 + $7.50 p&h

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    Saving our children ..

Real kids in an unreal world by Maggie Dent

Real children need real experiences with real people to grow up healthy - just as they have since mankind began. This book by explores the 10 essential building blocks that help children build resilience and authentic self esteem in our chaotic, modern world. It’s a commonsense, holistic approach that encourages connectedness, character and compassion.

We can’t change the world, however we can change the choices we make for our children.
And we can start now.
$27.50 + $7.50 p&h

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    Real Kids in an Unre..

Nurturing Kids' Hearts and Souls

Maggie Dent's new book "Nurturing Kids Hearts and Souls" explores all these questions and shares how we can turn it around. With her practical, commonsense approach she shows how we can easily make changes that will impact positively on the lives of today's and tomorrow's kids. Learn how to simplify things and create happy homes and classrooms.

$35.00 + $7.50 p&h

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    Nurturing kids' hear..

Connecting Kids book and CD

Connecting Kids aims to nurture a deep, loving connection with your child that withstands modern day parental stress. It offers practical tools, interactive stories, activities and meditations to help your child release painful emotions such as anger, grief and fear, allowing them to
• develop freer self-expression
• release unhealthy blocks and limiting beliefs
• connect with their inner light and greatness
• feel good about themselves and their world

Journey with your child through the six enchanted realms of Connection, Love, Trust, Self-esteem, Kindness and Stillness, connecting kids to their own inner potential and letting it shine on their lives.

Purchase the book and CD by clicking on the Add to Cart button and use PayPal for safe transacting.


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    Connecting Kids

De-stress with the enchanting music of John Levine's Alphamusic

International launch of The Last Dragonfly
Circles of Learning is proud to host the international launch of John Levine's latest gift: The Last Dragonfly. Join us:

  May 11
  Levity Health
  Level 1, 38-40 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction

From the attached press release...
John Levine was aware that there were many angry children whose emotions
limited their abilities to focus and concentrate and held back their true learning potential.

Drawing on his 20 years experience, knowledge and principles in composing alphamusic, John set his mind to creating an album to help teenagers to find
a state of calmness. His son Jakub, a gifted guitar player composed the guitar
and melody lines with detail for the melodic, rhythmic choices, resulting in a
true compositional collaboration of father and son.

To listen to a sample and purchase The Last Dragonfly follow this link:

And to read our press release download the following PDF...


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    The Last Dragonfly l..

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    The Last Dragonfly l..

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    The Last Dragonfly a..

More from John
Stress-related disorders are the epidemic of our time. Alphamusic is reported to be very effective and is highly recommended by professionals.

Everyday symptoms of stress
Sleeplessness, depression, loss of energy, whirling thoughts, emotional overwhelm, hyperactivity, feelings of helplessness.

"My wish is to help the greatest number of people through the healing powers of music". John B Levine.

Simply click on this link to purchase your own drug-free path to peace and calm:

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    The Alphamusic of Jo..

Dr Shelley Sykes - the Happiness Guru

Shelley is the world's leading expert on Happiness. She helps corporations and individuals actualise their potential, whether it is in areas of finance, relationships, image, career, health or life balance.

She is the author of 6 award winning books on Love, Luck, Looks and Lifestyle. Circles of Learning are proud to spread Shelley's bug by becoming resellers of these sought after works.

Signed copies of books by award winning author Dr Shelley Sykes only $25 each - $5 of which goes to support Circles of Learning.

Select from the following

Hats to Heels - Winner Best book Award - Fashion & Beauty
How to dress to impress and still be you. This book was rated best beauty and fashion book worldwide.

It's a must have to keep on looking and feeling great!


Callum's Cure - USA Indie book of Excellence - Parenting
This is the most inspirational, funny, uplifting book about how to keen sane as a parent with a child with cerebral palsy. Through dedication and belief that miracles can happen, Calum changed from a child who was destined to be in a wheel chair for life to an inspirational boy who walks without assistance.
It's a cross between in Pursuit of Happiness & Happy Madison.


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    Callums Cure

Sexy Single & Ready to Mingle - USA Best Book Award - Relationships
This book inspires us that we all deserve to be loved by our soulmate. Sexy Singles meet and do fall in love no matter what our age, nationality or sexual preference. Learn the recipes of a loving relationship so that you can be prepared.

Plus New Pre Release Sexy Music Download $1.


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    Sexy Single & Ready ..

The Happiness Bug - USA Best Book Award - Happiness Psychology
This book came second to the Secret! Learn the art of forming the happiness habit so that you can feel joy and gratitude no matter what happens in your life. This book will teach you the art of happiness and to attract more good into your life.


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    The Happiness Bug

Words of Inspiration - USA Best Book Award - Inspiration
Fantastic uplifting book with personal messages. Just open a page anywhere and you will receive your happy message with an action to take that will empower you and keep you on track with your goals and dreams.

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    Words of Inspiration

The Greatest Gift

Through his book,The Greatest Gift, author Damon Bailey creates a beautiful journey for children rich in positive thought and self esteem, designed for parents and loved ones to share with them.

The Greatest Gift helps children to realise that their own greatest gift lies within, and sets a course for confidence and self reliance that allows their own limitless potential to shine.

Purchase The Greatest Gift ebook for only $9.95 using the safety and ease of PayPal. Simply click the link below to order, and we'll email your copy within one business day.

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    The Greatest Gift

Support your child's self esteem & emotional resilience

In today's world it is easy for a child to lose confidence in themselves. Nurture House provide products that support you to understand your child and care for them and you emotionally.

Visit the Nurture House website to purchase direct:

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Food additivies that cause hyperactivity, cancer and more

Most of the carbon based chemicals that have been dumped into the packaged "foods" that many people insist on consuming, come from the petro-chemical industry. These are chemicals that have NO place in our body but, since they are inside the stuff we are eating, they are getting into our blood streams but are not being adequately dealt with by our body's defence mechanisms.

The chemicals build up in our vital organ tissues, our brains and our fat cells. It is definitely not a good look. The chemicals in "food" are causing many illnesses that we see regularly these days.

This booklet singles out the chemicals that are merely given numbers and that cause mischief in your body and the bodies of your kids. Here we have gathered together the "numbers" that are KNOWN to cause Hyperactivity. A separate section is devoted the the chemicals that cause Asthma and another section is devoted to the cancer causing numbers.

You will be shocked to find that many of the so called "Food Additives" are, in fact, toxic wastes from Big-Business! Food-like substances have become a great way for companies to dispose of their waste.

Click the link below to go the the Better Living Resources website to purchase this must have guide for only $3.

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