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Creativity and play is vital to the development of a child’s mind, their feelings and wellbeing. Stress together with poor nutrition, is a major contributor to illness, disease and poor learning skills.

Our fast paced society and intellectually based education system leaves little time for creative pursuits, which help balance the brain and body. As a result twenty percent of children in Australia now suffer learning difficulties; either withdrawing, becoming isolated (those in the autistic spectrum) or showing distress and aggression (often described as hyperactivity).

The programs recommended by Circles of Learning are predominantly designed for children however we are also proud to provide programs for adults. Designed with relaxation and relationship building in mind the programs provide communities with a shared experience of play, creativity and communication.

Each program is focused on one of the aspects of healthy development, or combines several aspects for a broader experience. They all aim to:

  Enhance the ability to learn, improving academic achievement
  Broaden creative skills
  Raise self esteem
  Strike a balance with nature
  Relax and centre

Each program has its own unique style of learning, art, creativity and play and encourages individuals to take greater interest in nurturing themselves and helping others.

These programs have had a profound affect on improving self esteem and learning and bring an awareness of the importance of living in a chemical free environment, demonstrating how living in balance with nature optimises health and learning.

Please browse through to find the program that suits your needs. We will add to this list as new programs and activities become available that we feel are beneficial and meet our objectives.

Please contact the program providers directly for queries or bookings. Feel free to contact Circles of Learning with any other queries, suggestions or support you may need.

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