Clever Kid Health & Play Program

Clever Kid Health & Play Program for Schools

The Clever Kid Health and Play program was created by Circles of Learning to bring the brain into a cohesive state for learning. It assists in managing behavioural problems and learning difficulties in children, laying a solid foundation for life. Bring an awareness to the importance of a clean environment and the fragile eco system.

This multi-sensory program is based around a sustainable vegetable garden enhancing the whole wellbeing of children, integrating modalities which appeal to the different types of learning: auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic and develop children’s senses and motor skills.

The program aims to:
  Educate for sustainable living
  Re-establish a balanced mind and body to improve health and academic achievement
  Reduce stress with play and build self esteem
  Develop understanding and care about the importance of nutrition for learning
  Encourage use of all of the senses
  Focus on values and lifestyle


Children learn to help themselves by developing skills and techniques to:

  focus and concentrate
  manage feelings and behaviour
  build and sustain self esteem
  understand the importance of healthy eating
  improve their learning
  achieve balance through nature

Clever Kid is a hands-on, full term program packaged for schools, organisations and home schooling parents to self manage with their own people as trained facilitators.

Building healthy, happy, balanced children open to learning and reaching their potential


Call Circles of Learning (02) 9327 7750 to discuss ordering, training and delivery - includes 9 weeks with daily activities including environment, creativity and values - aligned to the curriculum.

Circles of Learning actively pursue funding opportunities to provide its programs free to the community. If your school requires financial assistance please contact us to discuss what opportunities may be available to you.


Download and take away the detail

Download the program brochure below or, for more detailed information about Clever Kid we have also included the Overview often sent to schools. Share these with your own school or interested groups.

Clever Kid Health & Play program for Pre-Schools

Giving children time in Nature to explore is essential to their overall development and well-being.

A play based sustainable ELYF styed educational program for children to discover the natural world. The Clever Kid Health & Play program gives children a strong foundation for early learning. All activities are in and around a vegetable garden and children discover the joy of healthy eating, growing and nurturing plants and develops higher sensory awareness.

The Clever Kid Health & Play program helps build self esteem and empowers children with lifelong skills to

  Gain environmental awareness
  Manage feelings and behaviour
  Build and sustain self esteem
  Understand healthy eating
  Build imagination
  Respect insects and plants and all life

A practical play based program that enriches and stimulates their senses and gives them a strong sense of belonging, being and becoming.


Call Circles of Learning (02) 9327 7750 to discuss ordering, training and delivery - includes 9 topics with 27 sessions including environment, creativity and values.

Circles of Learning actively pursue funding opportunities within your community to assist your PreSchooll. Please contact us to discuss what opportunities may be available to you.

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