Guest Speakers

Experienced professionals, qualified in their field of expertise, explore the effects of nutrition, exercise, chemicals and drugs and share with you ways to deal with the challenges of today's children and discover your child's true potential.

You can learn ways to improve your child's intellect, your child's health, and build better family relationships by listening to highly skilled speakers give valuable insights on ways to help your child.

Contact us to inquire if these speakers are able to come and talk to you and other parents, teachers and professionals in your area. Simply tell us the area you live in, if there is a venue available, a preferred time and who your choices of speakers are.

Topics and speakers include:

Maximising your potential ADHD
- Fay Karpouzis, BSc (Anatomy Major) from the University of NSW, Post Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic from the Sydney College of Chiropractic, Diploma in Osteopathy from the Sydney College of Chiropractic, MSc (Honours) from Macquarie University.

Dyslexia is a blessing in disguise
- Leah Greengarten, BA Media Communications UNSW is a journalist and speaker

Cutting-edge study skills to achieve and exceed your aspirations
- Nivin Thanabalan, is a peak performance strategist and passionate about personal development and cutting-edge study. BA (Hons) Information Technology

Understanding Essential Oils, their uses and application
- Jennifer Moalem, BA. Dip Ed from The University of Sydney accredited practitioner of Resonance Repatterning® andcomplementary therapies.

Callums Cure - from childhood blindness and cerebral palsy to a positive young boy able to see and walk and full of self esteem
- Shelley Sykes, TV Presenter, professional speaker and life coach.

Brain Gym - the importance of movement. Parenting and coping skills; How children Learn; Let the children Play; Don't rob the children of their childhood; The role of stress on learning and childhood
- Myra Grisdale, Kinesiologist works with children using Brain Gym, Edu - K and Primitive Reflex techniques among others. Creator of 2 programs to build self esteem Working with Passion and The Journey.

Food and allergies - children and Behaviour; Setting up a Wholefoods Kitchen; Utensils - Aluminum, glass, stainless steel, etc.; Anti-oxident protection- Why and How; The Role of antioxidents in health and wellbeing; Filling in the gap during the Teenage years; Allergies and food sensitivities
- Marcea Weber macrobiotic cook and nutritionist and author of Naturally Sweet, Macrobiotics and Beyond and International Wholemeals

Nutrition and the mind - the connection between the food we eat and the effect it has on our brain and body, including statistics and facts relating to children with ADD and crime.
- Roger French Executive Director and Health Director of the Natural Health Society of Australia. Author and editor of Vegetarian and New Health magazine.

Using the power of the heart to release stress, access higher level of intelligence and establish emotional balance and stimulate higher brain functioning
- Isabelle Sennery NLP and Time Line practitioner, Business & Executive Coach, Author (Discovery and Mastermind) and creative director (Odyssey seminar)

The Silent Killers ' - how chemicals get into our body through food, water, air and toothpaste plus an effective recipe for Good Health
- Mr. Rob McIntyre, BSc. Phys. Ed. & Nutritionist. Past New Zealand National Swimming Coach and the The NZ Sports Medicine Federation.

Herbs & ADD; Nutrition and Herbs
- Dr. Megan Mathews medical practitioner with studies in kinesiology, touch for health and herbs.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - training your mind for optimal learning and clearing emotional traps
- Pip McKay Corporate director and the trainers’ trainer of Accelerated Learning Worldwide. Internationally certified trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, Time-Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Nutrition for optimal wellness; The role of Essential Fatty Acids and ADD and ADHD; How to get the most from our diet today; Our Food is Not Enough; The Why, How and When of Supplementation; Organic Wholefoods- How they make a difference
- Marcea Weber macrobiotic cook and nutritionist and author of Naturally Sweet, Macrobiotics and Beyond and International Wholemeals

A video on marijuana which addresses the issues from the young peoples perspective
- Jennifer Williams Natural therapist, Chairperson of Australian Parent Movement .

The prevention of Drugs with young people - the effects of drugs on the developing brain - the effects of marijuana and practical strategies for parents and families to treat drug use
- Jill Pearman Teacher with over 19 years in drug prevention. Author of videos and books on the subject of drug prevention for parents, teenage pregnancy, HIV prevention for 10-13 year olds, health books for children 4-14 years and a contributing author to Drugs Dilemma: the Way Forward.

Homeopathy protocol for children with ADD/Autism, based on the work of Paul Herscue managing kids, and behavioural problems
- Anne Darcy Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist

The Importance of the Story and the Art of Story Telling
- Ebba Bodame, kindergarten teacher, founder of two kindergartens, author and story teller

- Karen Ashworth Voice facitilator, sing therapy practitioner

More than you paid for - chemicals in food and personal care products
- Peter Taubert Researcher Occupational health Safety and Welfare Lecturer and Consultant, Author of Your Health and Food Additives.

EMRs Watt's the Buzz? ... Are computers, mobile phones and microwave ovens safe? Is it safe to live near high voltage power lines? What are the highest sources of EMR in the home and how can you reduce them?
- Lyn McLean Executive Director of the EMR Association of Australia, editor of its quarterly newsletter and author "Watt's the Buzz?"

Electromagnetic radiation and observed health effects on children, adults and
animals. The generation and propagation of electromagnetic fields and how they can be detected, and minimised.

- John Lincoln Electrical engineer, past convenor of EMRAA and has been community representative on Standards Australia and ARPANSA (The Australian radiation protection and
nuclear safety authority).

Breathing to control Asthma and improve learning
- Rosalba Courtney Osteopath, Naturopath Chinese Practitioner.

The Magic Within, meditation, tai chi,inner child empowering skills and positive affirmations
- Fran Dobbie teacher. founder of The Magic Within Programme for Children.

Effects of the Environment and Chemicals on Children
- Dr. Mark Donohoe

- Judith Schulz, Founder

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