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Balancing stress and improving the learning process

From our presentation at the May 2010 event, Think Before You Speak, you can now download the full article.

What many adults don’t know is that children with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other labels often have very clever, evolved minds. It is our job to listen and become aware of what the children are doing and saying; they are in fact awakening us to greater creativity, and to different ways of learning.

Stress is a major cause of impaired brain function in children. When you work with children to release stress you see profound changes in their brain function very quickly; faster than what you’ll see in an adult.

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Psychiatric drugging of infants and toddlers in the US

The United States has become the psychiatric drugging capital of the world for kids with children being medicated at a younger and younger age. Medicaid records in some states show infants less than a year old on drugs for mental disorders.

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Attention Deficit Disorder

An almost fanatical sugar addiction and aversion to fresh salads and vegetables are only some of the symptoms of ADD - the hidden handicap affecting one in twenty children. As parents, you can help yourself and child by prescribing the right diet.

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Food for thought - ADHD and Nutrition

More than one-third of all children in Australia suffer from a disorder that could be rectified by a diet low in sugar and junk food. Wendy Champagne explores the good food guide for controlling ADHD.

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