Grow An Egghead

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Here’s a quick little project that’s whole lot of fun for kids.
Step 1
Grab a few eggs and gently tap around the top with the edge of a spoon. This will break through the shell and allow you to flip off the top. Empty out the egg into a bowl to be used later in cooking. Rinse the inside gently and allow to dry.
Step 2
Grab some textas and draw on faces. The sillier the better!
Step 3
Fill the inside with cotton wool. Push a fair bit in as it will sink down when watered. You can also use fine potting mix if you don’t have cotton wool handy.
Step 4
Gently water the cotton wool or potting mix with a solution of eco-seaweed. You want it to be damp but not soaking wet. The eco-seaweed helps speed germination and growth of the seedlings.
Step 5
Sprinkle seeds over the damp cotton wool. Use a lot so that the cotton wool is almost covered with seed. That way your egghead will have thick hair. Noone wants a bald egghead ☺
Step 6
No comes the fun part – waiting. Seeds will germinate in a couple of days and start growing. Make sure they stay moist by misting with water each day.
Ideal Seeds for Eggheads
• Cress
• Mustard
• Chia
• Kale
• Rocket
• Radish
• Watercress
• Alfalfa
All are edible so the egghead can get a haircut and the cuttings used in a salad or on a sandwich. Yum!

We are all creative...

and we all need to express that creative side of ourselves. Our right brain, after all, exists for this purpose. We weren't given two brain hemispheres so we could only use one side!

Try out these fun suggestions for how to unleash the creative spirit within your children, and notice how a few doors may open for you too.

Drawing and colouring
Pencils and coloured pencils are preferable to felt coloured pens and drawing your own picture is preferred over using a colouring in book. Drawing and colouring help develop greater imagination as you have to first decide what to draw, and then how you are going to draw it.

Painting is wonderful as each type of paint delivers different results. It is through using different paints and brushes that you begin to see and feel how paint is applied to paper. Painting your own picture is preferable to painting someone else’s drawing.

Put on fun, upbeat music and dance with your child. Create your own crazy steps, twirl around and let yourself go. Pretend you are a ballerina, or a ballroom dancer, or simply enjoy the moment and make up the steps as you go along.

Sing along with music, or make up your own songs. Choose a tune and put a story to music. The story could be about your pet, your family, what you are looking forward to in the next holiday, or simply about how you love to sing.

Make a cubby house under a table
Children love to have their own little place to hide and by draping a sheet over a table and letting it fall to the ground, they can then gather their own special things around them to create their own private, imaginary world.

Make some biscuits
Choose a simple recipe that is easy to mix with a wooden spoon and bowl and bake in a tin. You can use different cutters to make interesting shapes.

Create a tea party
Let your child set a table with tea cups. Place water or juice into a tea pot and let them pour a cup of tea.

We're always interested in what's working for everyday people so please drop us a line, and tell us what gets your family smiling.

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