Foods to Feed the Brain

Foods to Feed the Brain

What to eat

Walnuts look like the brain and have all the nutrients that are important for good brain function. Signature fruits and vegetables are those that look like parts of the body and as a walnut looks like the brain, it is good for the brain.

Omega 3 oil is vital for the brain. Your daily requirements can come from fish, flaxseed, walnuts, chia seeds , kidney beans. Omega 3 oil is commonly taken as a supplement, however, when you eat the foods you also gain the extra vitamins and minerals from that food.

Berries, including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries (organically grown). Blueberries are known for their antioxidents and are particularly good assisting in cleansing the body and brain.

Eggs for protein. All proteins are good for the brain and a high protein breakfast gets you off to a good start for the day.

Vegetables as many varieties and colours as possible. Never underestimate the value of vegetables, they are vital to our bodies and they keep us healthy. Remember to eat chemical free vegetables.

Drink water and plenty of it. Our brains are around 95% water and they need to be filled up.

Don Tolman 'Food Farmacist' has a brilliant recipe for a Brain food Snack

Walnuts Higher thoughts, imagination, memory
Dried Apricots Brain clarity
Macadamias Emotional chemistry, ODD and addictions
Almonds Pineal
Rock salt

Eat, enjoy and be smarter!

What not to eat

Refined sugar is damaging and can be replaced with natural fruit sugars. All refined and processed foods are so far removed from the original plantbased food, that they are no longer foods that serve the body. Refined sugar places stress on the body and brain and causes emotional upsets.

Artificial sweeteners. These can be even more damaging that refined sugar. So avoid them at all times, and note that many 'sugar free' foods contain an artificial sweetener.

Artificial flavouring and food colouring and damage is more in children. Colourants and additives are not natural foods and they effect the function of the brain as well as the health of the body and compromise the immune system. They should be avoided at all times.

Cereal bars cause a rush of high energy followed by low energy. Cereal bars look healthy but are usually and excuse for sugar overload. Often in the form of honey which is excellent for you in small doses.

Lollies contain sugar and colourants. These do not even look like natural foods and they aren't. They do major damage to the brain and body.

Doughnuts can cause wild uncontrollable changes in blood sugar. Fatty and sugary foods are a terrible combination for good health. They are a cause of obesity and emotional highs and lows, and worst of all, they can become addictive.

White bread and rolls cause sugar highs and lows, Highly refined carbohydrates convert to sugar and cause a rush of high energy followed by low energy and can be an underlying cause of depression.

Processed foods & Energy drinks. As above they can cause depression and become addictive.


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