The Magic of Bi-Carb soda

Bi-carb Soda has been on the supermarket shelves for as long as most of us can remember and inside everyone’s home is probably a packet. Open it now and use it for cleaning, cooking, personal care and your health.

When you change from using chemical products to Bi carb Soda, you save money, become healthier and you are looking after the environment.


Pots & Pans – 2 tblspns bi-carb and use scouring pad
Coffee & Tea stains in cups and pots, use bi-carb and warm water
Oven cleaner – sprinkle on oven with a spray of water, leave overnight, wipe clean
Bi-carb & water cleans furniture & wooden floors
Laundry – add ½ cup bi-carb to the wash (cleans and deodorizes)
Car cleaning – bi-carb with warm water and use a soft cloth
Remove smells from the fridge – place a bowl/box of bi-carb in the fridge
Dishwashers – use bi-carb to clean the dishwasher


Clean your fruit and vegetables with bi-carb
Cook vegetables with bi-carb to help balance acid/alkaline.
Balance acid forming foods by adding 1 tsp bi-carb

Personal Care

Toothpaste - Bi-carb soda and a touch of sea salt
Mouth Freshener – 1 tsp bi-carb in water, stir and rinse your mouth
Cleans brushes and combs – soak in 1tsp bi-carb with warm water
Shampoo – sprinkle into your hands and hair and wash and rinse
Soothe your feet – 3 tblspns bi-carb in warm water


Good health means the balance between our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and so we have provided for all of these here in our Health section.

The following hints and suggestions for good Health are available in PDF downloads. Feel free to print any of the information you find in these pages and keep in a visible area of your home such as the fridge or pin board.


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