Feed the monsters greens and they'll be less violent

Feeding youngsters cabbages, carrots and other fresh vegetables could stop violent behaviour, scientists believe.

Veges contain vitamins and minerals that boost production of mood-altering chemicals in the brain, research has revealed.

British researchers found that giving young tearaways fresh produce could cut offending rates by almost half.

The Oxford University study looked at 230 inmates, aged 18 to 21, at a centre for young offenders.

One group was a given vitamin pills containing nutrients found in fresh vegetables and the second group dummy pills.

The first group went on to commit a quarter fewer offences behind bars than the second.

The biggest reduction, 40 percent. was seen in serious crimes such as violence.

"he improvement in behaviour was huge", research leader Bernard Gesch said.

"In the future we may a have a choice where we continue to lock up more of our children - or we nourish them properly."

Mr. Gesch said that although the study took place behind bars, he would expect similar results among the general population.

"We tend to forget that humans are physical as well as psychological beings", he said.

"Putting poor fuel into the brain seems to significantly affect social behaviour."

Eddie Fitzmaurice
The Sun Herald
, June 30, 2002

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