Scents kids go wild for

Simple things such as Perfume can trigger hyperactivity in children a recent study has found.

Researchers say mothers splashing on a fragrance can cause hyperactivity in their children. Toiletries and air fresheners can have the same effect, with possible links to attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

A study involving about 400 British families with hyperactive children showed perfume was one of the biggest triggers. More than 7- per cent of children reacted strongly to perfume worn by their mothers and scent in household products. The researchers were surprised by the result, expecting more reaction from food coloring.

But Melbourne ADHD researcher Peggy Brunet said she had already seen evidence linking perfume to ADHD. The Swinburne University PhD student works with children diagnosed with ADHD, autism and speech disorders.

"I've seen the effect of perfume with my own eyes", she said.

"Babies have developed ticks and twitches and all sorts of mannerisms as a result of perfume. "It can be really dangerous".

Wendy Busfield, medical reporter
Herald Sun
, 23 August, 2000

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