Adult Programs

Circles of learning offer programs to parents which are aimed at developing the relationship between parent and child as well as helping parents develop their own unique skills in communications, relaxation and creativity.


These programs can be done with Adults together with children or as an Adult only program.

Each program has a different emphasis and all are based on Learning through Play. The core essentials for a healthy body and a healthy mind are contained in each program.

Games played give individuals the skills to build mental health and physical wellbeing

Circles of Learning programs are designed for individual and group specific needs.


1. Be the Best You Can Be

A self awareness program to bring out the best in You. Finding your inner strength and discovering ways to create a successful life. Expressing and sharing feelings in a safe environment to show how when you change your mind, you can change your life.


2. Creative Imagination

Exploring the right side of your brain, to discover your creative talents and intuition. This program involves visioning and working together to create a montage from nature.


3. Believe in Yourself

Discover your imaginative and inherent talents and using them responsibily to find your purpose. Tips and techniques are learnt to be able to draw on your inner strenght at any time.


4. Food for Thought

Learn how foods affect the mind. Discover the foods that enhance the brain and those that can leave you feeling low and lethargic. This is a hands on fun food based program.


5. Living with Purpose

This is a 9 week program around the developing a vegetable garden. It is collaborative and everyone Each person discovers their own talent and where they fit in. All differences are needed and important to the overall project and each person has status and position, giving them motivation to get out of the mould and find alternative ways of being.


Garden Circle for Parents & Children

Join the Circles of Learning Garden Circle and experience the edible garden Program for Children, Parents & Seniors

Join the Circles of Learning Garden Circle and experience the edible garden program for Children, Parents & Seniors

FREE to participants, the Garden Circle Program It offers practical experiences in the garden, discussions around the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables and ways to encourage children who may be ‘picky’ eaters to eat more healthy foods. Plus tips and hints for their whole being.

When you attend you will..

  Learn how to grow healing herbs and organic fruit and vegetables
  Have fun growing your own food
  Gain hints on ways to prepare & cook healthy meals
  Discover ways to assist your family’s wellbeing.

The Circles of Learning, the Garden Circle program is presented in a simple format for children to understand and parents to find informative. To keep little ones stimulated and interested, it includes games and lots of tactile digging and planting activities.

Learn skills and gain tips on nutrition, water, oxygen, feelings, thoughts, resilience and building self esteem for yourself and your children. Fun and creative activities bring you and your children to connect with nature and enjoy being in the fruit and vegetable garden.

When young children model and observe their parents working in the garden, it sets them up with healthy attitudes and habits for life.

What you will find...

  Children are calmer and better behaved
  Have a greater respect for nature and the environment
  Have a greater appreciation of the importance of healthy living foods
  Discover a happier, healthier you
  Better brain function through better brain balance
  Helps to offset early learning difficulties
  Gives a strong foundation for life and learning

Every week there is different information and experiences.

If you would like a Garden Circle in your community, please contact us.

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