Your program is packed with the following features

Values covered are respect, caring, truth, responsibility, tolerance, choices, awareness, peace and gratitude.

Health and nutrition
A feature of the program is the practical education of health and nutrition through the creation of an organic fruit and vegetable garden, linking the growth and nurturing of plants to the growth and nurturing of themselves.

The benefits of play
Play and fun produce dopamine in the brain making it possible to easily coordinate actions. Many children struggling to learn, including those with ADD/ADHD, have difficulty producing this vital chemical.

Play is the way we establish a sense of self, empathy, social altruism, and compassion. Play is a fairly dependable predictor of whether a society will be peaceful, affectionate and cooperative and is an important deterrent to hyperactivity, learning difficulties and disease.

Play is blending the senses and emotion (energy in motion) and the fertile ground for all learning. The brain is a sensory processing machine and play gives us direct access to that machine - Sally Goddard - A Teacher’s Window into the Child’s Mind

Play experiences have a profound role in the development of a person, it awakens elemental emotions: joy, fear, wonder, grief and anger and the Klever Kid program Program offers children as much choice, control and freedom as possible within reasonable boundaries.

Other activities in the program include:

  Brain Gym movements
  Story telling
  Breathing and relaxation
  Dealing with bullies
  Anger management, and more


Download your own copy of the Peace Flower

In week nine of the program children colour in their own copy of the Peace Flower to link in with the week's value of Peace - creating tranquility, serenity and mental calm.

Download your free copy here. When was the last time you pulled out the coloured pencils? Print off an extra copy for yourself and enjoy as a family.

Without touch, movement and play children develop brain abnormalities associated with violence, hallucinations, and schizophrenia. Isolation inhibits large areas of the brain from developing normally - James Prescott - Discovering the Intelligence of Play

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