Seventeen good reasons to build a Garden Classroom

1. The garden provides a unique learning environment bringing students in touch with nature.

2. The garden demonstrates context for understanding seasonality and life cycles.

3. It's an opportunity to work cooperatively on real tasks.

4. Sensory experience becomes part of a child’s day at school.

5. It provides opportunities for informal one-on-one time for teachers and students to talk.

6. The garden helps create common experience to build on in multiple settings – from classroom to celebration.

7. Students understand the role of food in life – the garden (&kitchen) allow us to improve nutrition and highlight healthy foods.

8. Students learn about where food really comes from.

9. Garden experiences reinforce classroom curriculum.

10. The garden setting helps broaden the way teachers look at curriculum and their students and connect students to their school.

11. It can provide context for rituals and celebrations.

12. A garden can promote risk taking, such as trying new things...foods, activities and making new friends.

13. Students value the garden – their sense of pride and ownership discourages vandalism.

14. The garden offers opportunities for students to practice their observation skills and build vocabulary...both small and large.

15. A garden introduces chemical free fruits and vegetables to the students.

16. It provides an opportunity to nurture life.

17. Students come into balance with nature and embrace learning.

Happy gardening!

If you have any tried and true tips, or positive stories on a garden classroom we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email with your stories.

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