How Klever Kid program is enhancing lives

From teachers

The children are certainly more aware of what constitutes healthy food, showing me, with pride, when they have healthy recess or "big lunch”. They are aware of the values being taught and use the terms with understanding.

The children have responded positively, many now have fruit or other healthy snacks for play lunch and brown bread instead of white. Relationships within the classroom are continuing to improve as is the ability to focus, and thus, learn.

I like the analogy of planting seeds to grow healthy strong plants, and the development of children into healthy strong adults, provided the right nutrients are present.

When asked for other comments, she wrote
I would like to thank the people involved in the program, it is a well planned stimulating and valuable learning experience or the children.

This teacher also commented that in all her years of teaching, this class progressed better, from the slowest reader to the best reader, than any others.

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From parents

At first she was constantly talking about the preparation of the garden, and at the end of school days took me to see it. Now she only talks of it when asked and her face lights up and she gives positive comments.

Joel has been giving me massages to relax me. There have been a number of excited discussions about the garden. He always mentions that he needs water to help feed the plants (veggie garden) at school. He was happy to announce that one of the things being grown was mint.

His reading has improved out of sight. He could not recognise letters when starting year K - now he is reading beautifully.

I feel this is a wonderful programme for all kids, but particularly good to get in early for those impressionable yr K's who are like sponges and are still at an age where they want to learn and want to 'be good'. It is an excellent foundation for a healthy lifestyle based on respect, appreciation and education. Thanks.

Lauren is always encouraged to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, which she does. As a parent, I find this program outstanding, as it reinforces our healthy eating practices from home. Peer pressure is so strong at this age, and healthy foods are more socially acceptable through Klever Kid programs and are being eaten at school instead of sent back home.

Lauren tells me so much about the vegetable garden. We actually park the car in a different place each day, so that we can go past the garden each afternoon and discuss how everything is growing.

Lauren enjoys drinking water more now since the Klever Kid program Program.

Whatever bread I buy, Lauren says it is not brown or dark enough! She is also starting to discuss the sugar content in food which is great. I really hope that this program will continue through primary and then high school - to counteract all the 'bad' influences. Thanks for organising the yummy lunch - it would be great if that could be a regular activity.

Changes became evident as soon as the program commenced. Josh requested that I purchase brown bread instead of white as it contains less sugar and he refers to snacks as 'healthy' snacks or bad snack. Also refers to the values and comments when he is demonstrating one of them.

Josh talks about how he is involved in establishing and maintaining the garden - watering, weeding etc and the similarities to caring for your own body. He recognises the veggies as being healthy food. Josh is loving the involvement in the program.

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