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Circles of Learning operates wholly on funding and grants from the Australian community. There are not always the financial resources when we need it, and we compete against many other wonderful community groups and charities operating on the same basis.

When you make a contribution to Circles of Learning you enable us to provide schools, families and community groups with our programs and services. What does that mean? It means that by connecting children with the right tools they are able to unlock their own learning potential and move forward with the building blocks to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. All children benefit from the programs and activities we run, especially children labeled with learning difficulties and disabilities such as ADD/ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia.

We are working together to assist all children find their own place in the world and become balanced, healthy, self assured adults.

Make your contribution using the safety and security of PayPal. Or post a cheque with the following details:

Circles of Learning Limited
PO Box 928
Double Bay NSW 1360

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